I’m Mormon. I’m Mad. I’m Going to the Temple.

Creative documentary wedding photography by Melissa Kelsey PhotographyTL;DR

On Dec 1st  & 2nd, 2017, my 87 year old mother and I will be on the sidewalks outside of temple square.  Our mission:

  1. Raise awareness of LDS youth interview practices.
  2. Notify members and non-members alike of the petition:  Protect Our Children–Stop Mormon Masturbation Interviews.
  3. Ask for signatures.
  4. Pass out information.


A wise man once said this, “Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage.  Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.”

I love my mother, Hope.  Often my twin sister, Courage, fails me.  Today, Anger motivates me to embrace my sister, Courage.  I don’t want to let either of them go….until mother Hope is fulfilled.

A Temple Visit

On December 1st and 2nd, I’m going to the Salt Lake Temple.  No church issued Recommend will be in my possession.  Instead, my Recommend has been issued by that timeless mother–Hope.  At the same time, I’ll be accompanied by my earthly mother–Bertie.  My amazing 87 year old mom, whom I was blessed with 65 years ago.

From early morning until well into the evening, she and I will be on the sidewalks, in the shadow of the Salt Lake Temple.


Petition:  Protect Our Children–Stop Mormon Masturbation Interviews.  Click HERE.

Why this petition matters.  Click HERE.

Testimonials of masturbation interviews.  Click HERE.

Testimonials of interviews about orgasm and sexual positions.  Click HERE.

How to talk to your kids about masturbation.  Click HERE.

Is masturbation a sin?  Click HERE.


18 thoughts on “I’m Mormon. I’m Mad. I’m Going to the Temple.

  1. Oh Sam, I have to say how wrong I think this is. I agree with your cause, but to stand outside the Holy of Holies and pass out information on this topic is just tacky-so below you. Contact the Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News, tv and radio stations and tell them you are going to be at some location speaking on this topic. But not the Temple! Not as young men and women are entering the Temple to be married. I see this as grandstanding on your part and this isn’t who I know you to be.

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    1. If you don’t believe the LDS church to have the truth, the temple is not holy at all and the emotional and sexual abuse the children are being put through should be stopped at all costs. And the men and women who are going to the temple to be married are about to find out how much the sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of the church is going to cause disfunction in their marriage. So this is actually the perfect place to do it.

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      1. No, the perfect place is in the media, where the greatest number of people can be reached. Peolple goinging into the Temple are going to be visitors to temple square or TBM’s going to the Temple . They will do one of two things …either not accept the info or take it and throw it in the trash can.

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      2. You and I seem to be thinking so much alike these days. “Perfect place is in the media.” At this point, I think so, too. There is a good possibility that there will be coverage. The street we will be on is typically not used for entrance to the temple. That is located on North Temple. Plus, I don’t plan to locate next to the entrance to temple square. We are thinking at the corner of South & West Temple or closer to the entrance to the mall.


    2. Thanks Janice for your agreement with our cause. That means a lot. This is a huge problem. Creating huge and real problems in children’s lives,which often lasts into adulthood. If…they survive into adulthood.

      If standing in the shadow of the temple saves one child from death by his own hand, I’m willing to endure excommunication…which several people are again warning me about.

      Suicide? That’s right. Soon, I plan to write an article about what these sexual interviews are driving some of our children to do. I’ll give you a preview.

      1. Two months ago I held a Talkeria out of state. A woman told of a trip to the airport earlier that day. She had accompanied a distraught mother to pick up her son who was coming home early from his mission. He had attempted suicide more than once. The final time was almost successful. Cause? He could not stop masturbating and the shame was too much to take.

      2. A friend recently shared the story his suicide attempt, years after the shaming throughout his entire childhood.

      3. A young member of our stake announced last month that he is leaving the church. He openly recounted his suicidal ideation.

      4. Then the saddest. A friend shared with me the suicide of a 14 year old family member 2 years ago.

      Janice, I’m angry at what is happening to our kids. The suicides make me cry. 2,180 of us are working to literally save lives.

      I invite you to join us by adding your signature to the petition.

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      1. I believe I did sign it, if not, let me know. I have no problem signing this petition. Your #1 story reiterates to me, however, that masturbation is addictive and shouldn’t never be started. I see no good coming from this and liken it to any addiction. If I might not share a story my friend told me in college. He and his friends when 12 years ago, used to sit in the back of his dad’s camper and have jack off parties. They never smoked or drank and passed every Bishop’s interview by lying. He did it throughout his mission and lied to his MP. He came home and in his mind was still a virgin. He got married in the Temple by lying to his Bishop. When he was caught looking at porn magazines and jacking off by his new new bride, he described it as nothing to worry about. Their marriage didn’t last because she felt inadequate to please her husband. If he had to do that to feel good, then why was she there. If was a tragedy. If this disgusting habit can be nipped in the bud when he was twelve, he wouldn’t have lost his wife and child.

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      2. Oh man. Sounds like a tragedy to me. There are obviously complications to this issue.

        BTW, you have NOT signed the petition, yet. My heart leaped with I read that you were good with signing the petition. Thanks!


      3. Signed it for dual reasons. To protect our precious children and to protect the reputations of our interviewing priesthood holders. The church has always preached safety in numbers. Either the parent or a trusted adult should be present for any interview.

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  2. If not Sam, then who among us will stand? To go to the very core of this wrong is what we must do. Its not showboating to be in the shadow of this very evil and face ridicule. To stand for all those children that for DECADES have lived with their shame. Who stood for them? Who’ll stand for you?

    I will.

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  3. The sensationalization of these comments is nauseating(Masterbation Interviews!?!?). Come on!!
    99% are just angry former member who can’t get over the breakup and now only anger and revenge fuels them.
    I don’t buy the retelling of the “horrors” these people faced as youth for a second. Are their idiot bishops who ask and do vile things? OFCOURSE!!! But rare and not because they were coached by the evil empire. Bishops are encouraging youth to be confident, happy, chaste, repentant, and hopeful. Especially, when a kid brings up masterbation. Bishops are telling youth to not beat themselves up that they can change and grow and do better and be happy through the Atonement (which very few in this blog believe in apparently).
    I could say anything against the church and raise the battle cry and these angry blog followers will come out (only in social media blogs like these) and nash their teeth.
    There isn’t a global church initiative to shame masterbators where a trained army of perverted bishops are salivating over sexual details of children.
    Get over yourselves. This is about you and not the “poor/innocent” children.
    Go after things that is clear the church advocates but you disagree with. Not rogue weirdos that act on their own and represent less than 1%.


    1. So, since you seem to have data, can we see where it came from?
      It happened to people i personally know in the 80s and 90s. In Ca.,Idaho and Utah. Rogues? Not so much.

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      1. Experiencial data. I am a current bishop and have spoken with dozens of bishops and former bishops. Never once have I heard of a bishop crafting an interview around masterbation and sex. Sex may be proactively discussed if a parent or youth leader brings information to the bishop because the youth won’t open up to them.
        Masterbation almost always comes up if the youth bring it up. Or if a young man in particular will bring up challenges with pornography and masterbation almost always goes along with it. Same with a Young women. She’ll bring it up and not a bishop preemptively asking her.
        Do, and have bishops asked? Absolutely. But not common. Nor are they asked to by “higher ups”.
        Ideally all conversations about sex and masterbation are discussed with parents. How wonderful that would be! Bishops always encourage youth to talk to parents. But if there is a challenge with a certain behavioral preventing (because the youth feels this way) spiritual growth then a bishop may have a place to assist in that journey.

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  4. BT, thank you for saying what you have. Although I know it has happened, I give Bishops more credit than those who usually write into Sam’s blog. Many seem to be disgruntled former members who just haven’t had the courage to just move on. Sam is a remarkable man who I have known for a long time. He has always been at the backs of the underdog. He has attracted a menagerie of followers and truly wants everyone to live Christlike lives.

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    1. Exchange mormon bishops for catholic priests. Couldnt happen,right? Higher ups would never condone such a thing. The vatican is not some evil empire, commanding and protecting these men. Ty seeing it thru the victems eyes. Are they angry? Yes. Were they silenced by shame and fear of not being good enough? That is what these men grooming their victems rely on. One hopes it never happens to one of your loved ones.

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