img_0169Sundance Film Festival.  I’ve never gone.  But, one of my daughters just returned from it.  On her way home she clipped an article from United Airline’s inflight magazine.   With eager anticipation it was presented to me when she walked in the door.

Unlike what you are about to read, my faith journey does not include the horror of mass trauma.  But, it does share a similar element of gut-wrenching pain and loneliness.  My experience has also resulted in a similar resolution.  The Talkeria was born.  Born “to reach out and find others, to talk to others, and to make those vital connections so they never feel alone.”

Heather, thanks for your kind example of vision and initiative.  And thanks for the validation!

Dear World,

We interact with hundreds of new people every year, and yet there are times we all feel alone. I believe that if we took the time to notice, we’d see that we are infinitely more connected by our similarities than divided by our differences.

Hours after the SWAT team found my classmates and me huddled in a locked office in Columbine High School, I sat on my couch, feeling utterly alone – even though I was surrounded by loved ones.  Years passed and tragedies kept happening. But I continued to feel alone, convinced that no one understood what I had experienced. Until one day the helpless feeling just became too much, and I realized that I did have something unique to offer others: experience. Experience fighting the personal battle that results from mass trauma. I never wanted another person to feel like I did for over 10 years. So now my efforts are to reach out and find others, to talk to others, and to make those vital connections so they never feel alone.

The truth is, none of us are alone. All we have to do is take notice.

So reach out.  Be kind.  And don’t forget to notice our similarities instead of focusing on our differences.


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