If It Gets Any Traction, You’ll be Excommunicated


 Faith Crisis

Last year, a month prior to October 2016 General Conference, I was interviewed for a Mormon Stories episode.  Of course, John Dehlin was the host.  I knew him when he was a young Lad in Houston.  Back then, his father was my business partner.  Thirty years ago, I lost track of him.

We reconnected  quite by accident.  My unexpected and gut-wrenching faith journey was about to begin.  That small boy, now become a tall man, would soon help me in an important quest.

My faith crisis led me out of the church.  Then to Jesus.  Then back to the church in an effort to keep my covenants and…..to stand up for those who are being marginalized and hurt within the Savior’s own earthly kingdom.

All this ultimately brought me to a vital doctrinal discovery…the Law of Common Consent.  A gorgeous commandement given by Jesus through the prophet Joseph Smith.  The Lord ordained this mechanism to help keep His church on track and to correct errors along the way.  But, it’s a concept that hasn’t been taught in classes or from the pulpit for years.

How to share it?  How to get the word out?  Friends pointed me to John Dehlin and his Mormon Stories Podcast.  We talked off and on for months.  I was nervous.  Friends and family continued to leave the church.  I became aware of more and more harm being done by policies never approved by the vote of the church. My apprehension eventually evaporated.  We scheduled the interview.

John Gives A Warning

Months in advance of the recording, I had asked John, “What are the risks of doing this podcast?”

His response, “If common consent gets any traction, you will be excommunicated.

I have more trust in the church than that.  Common Consent is the law of God.  I believe Jesus has our backs when we don’t turn our backs on Him.  Actually, I believe that Jesus always has our backs, no matter what.

Here’s the Mormon Stories interview.  Thanks to my friend, John Dehlin.

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