The Home Front is Homogenizing

150410c_Parade_homecomingThis weekend, my wife and I went to Philly to participate in the sealing of our adopted grandson to my daughter and son-in-law.  My wife inside the temple, and I awaiting outside.  It really was a choice event.

Coming home today, we flew out on separate planes.  I arrived a few hours later than my wife.  When I got home, this conversation ensued:

PATTY:  You know I believe in the church and don’t want to leave it.  

ME:  Of course.  You know that I totally support you in that.

PATTY:  On the plane, I read 4 talks from the last General Conference.  I really liked the talks.  As I read, I reached the same conclusions over and over.  First, you are doing the right things.  Second, if I was ever questioned by the leaders about you, I could totally defend you.  Third, some might say that you are breaking your covenants.  You aren’t.  And God knows you aren’t.

Wow.  Just Wow.  What a great homecoming.

And this on the heels of a meeting I recently had with a prominent leader in our stake.  He told me this, “Sam, come back to church.  We need someone to speak out about the issues you are raising.”