Dear Elder Gerrit W. Gong


Dear Elder Gong,

This past May, you and your wife Susan, spoke at BYU’s women’s conference.  Susan shared “three observations about what it might mean to love as Jesus loves.”

The first one was to understand.  She said, “There is healing, there is hope in just being known, just being understood.” She added, “If I am to love as Jesus would love, what do I need to do? I need to learn to listen.”

Secondly, she said, we must “feel compassion.”  Specifically she stated that “compassion requires imagination and intention . . . To feel how it really feels to have been abused.”

And finally she concludes, “Like the Good Samaritan, when Christ finds us suffering, He has compassion on us, He comes to us, binds our wounds, and brings us to the inn and cares for us.”

Elder Gong, there are wounded travelers on the side of the road.  They have asked to meet with you.  As your wife said, they long to be heard and understood.  Who will stop and love them as Jesus did?  And who will pass them by on the side of the road?

These wounded travelers are victims of abuse at the hand of church leaders who gained access to their victims through our church’s own policies that allow private one on one interviews where leaders can inquire after personal sexual issues.  This policy has the unintended consequence of providing cover and opportunity for the worst desires of humanity and this must change.

I plead with you, come and talk with the wounded travelers. Share the Savior’s love with them. Have compassion and hear their stories. Love them as Christ would if he were here.  It is me to them.

I trust that as a disciple of Christ  you will know what our Savior expects of you to be the Good Samaritan and not pass by like the priest or the Levite.

For a total of fifteen days, an event is being held across the street from temple square.  It is called a “Temple-side Chat with an Apostle.”  Each day, one of the apostles will be invited to join us.  A chair will be provided for his comfort.  The chat will last around an hour, unless the apostle desires to extend it.

Elder Gong, you are the apostle who I’m cordially inviting to join us on Monday, July 30th at 7:00pm.  The chat will be broadcast live on FB.  You will reach 10’s of 1,000’s around the world with your healing words.

With Love,

Sam Young

P.S.  This invitation was not composed by me.  It was written by a woman, an active member of the church.  She fears family and ward backlash if she were to openly sign this letter.