Destroying Childhood One Interview at a Time

YoungWomanToday, I received the following comment.  It was attached to a disturbing story recounting the damage that untrained bishops can unwittingly unleash.

This issue was a major part of the destruction of my childhood.  I shared my story on your website.  That’s the first time I’ve ever actually shared that story before.  I kept it inside for so long and tried to minimize it.  All I can think of is how Furious I would be if it had been my daughter.

Her story is recorded on the new Protect LDS Children website.  I’m not going to reveal which one it is.  After all, she has just now gathered the courage to put it in writing.  However, all the narratives shown may very well have “destroyed a childhood.”

To my dear friend of lost childhood:  My heart and tears go out to you.  What was done to you was wrong.  I am sorry.  Thousands of thundering voices are now speaking out to prevent this from happening to children of the future.

New Website

It is evident that we need an easily accessible location for the media and members to read about the harm these interviews cause.


Please:  Go to the new site and record your story.

Please:  Share the existence of the new site so that others can record their story.

Thanks for your incredible support.  We are going to change the church.  You, me, and 10,000 others.

Oh yeah….SIGN the Petition if you haven’t yet.  Join 10,000 thundering voices to protect our children

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