Carol Lynn–I Love You

Carol Lynn Pearson

I am pumped at what I recently heard this gem of a human being just say in public.  It felt like she was talking directly to me, while staring me squarely in the eyes.  Her words were shared in a Mormon Stories podcast.  I’ve linked it HERE.  Her majestic words start around the 26:35 mark.

A question about humility was posed.  Her response surprised and delighted me.

“Humility should be blended with power.  I really believe that if more of us kind of kept our humility in one hand and in the other hand we developed some power and belief that we not only have the right, but we have the obligation of participating in a powerful way and speaking out and raising our hands and standing up.  And rising and objecting or affirming.  Or doing whatever we feel to do.  To blend our innate humility with some power that may be foreign to Mormondom.”

To me, Carol Lynn is verbalizing Christ’s gorgeous Law of Common Consent.  The Savior empowered each one of us with the right and obligation to speak out, raise our hands and stand up.  This is His church.  He wants it governed according to His mandate.

The sidelines have been my companions for the past few months.  I’m ready to once again exercise my right and obligation and get back into the game.  I love the church enough not to leave it alone.