No Pretending—-I DO Know!

 Sma Harris PretendingCongratulations If

If you have CERTAINTY in your religious beliefs.  I commend you.  What I’m presenting here should not take away from your conviction one whit.  I commend you on your testimony.  This is just where I’m at.


Throughout my lifetime, I have frequently made important statements that were NOT TRUE.  But, I was not aware.  Now I am.  I don’t consider them lies.  I simply didn’t realize that I was not speaking the truth.  I’m referring to my statements of KNOWING things I didn’t really KNOW.  Specifically relating to religious concepts.

For example:  “I KNOW that God lives.”  A beautiful statement.  At this point, for me, to say it would be a lie…a pretense.  I have now trod a similar path as the apostle Paul:  “Where there is knowledge, it will pass away.”  And, I now embrace Paul’s “enduring” virtues of faith, hope, and charity.

However, there is one thing in the religious arena that I do have certainty about.  No pretending.  No lying.  I KNOW that the teachings and example of Jesus Christ embody a good and noble way to live.  I’m specifically referring to Christ’s gospel of charity, kindness, service, reaching out for the “least” among us, the golden rule, standing up to the marginalization of the weak.  Fortunately, a modern religious leader said that we should believe in the bible as far as it’s translated correctly.  There are some things ascribed to Christ that I view as somehow being translated incorrectly.  Those I discard.

So, there you go Mr. Harris, I’m no longer pretending.  I am a human being.  And, I am certain.  It’s my 64 years of lived experience that has given me my rock solid certainty.


Thanks Missedinsunday for the meme.

Mr. Cubit’s Shocking Gay Interview


Mr. Cubit

I met Mr. Cubit about 2 years ago.  It was around the time that my church questions started to coalesce.  He has witnessed my entire journey and has been a great support.  In fact, he has been very influential in the path I’ve chosen.  For the time being, he’s asked me to maintain his anonymity.  After reading this, I think you’ll understand his quest to remain obscure.

The Gay Interview

Sam:  Could you describe your current status within the LDS church?

Mr. Cubit:  I’m an active, believing, heterosexual member.  My life has revolved around the church my entire life.  It’s a wonderful organization.  But, it is not perfect.  Changes should and will be made.

Sam:   You are aware that I strongly disapprove of the church’s exclusionary policy toward children of gay parents.  But, you recently told me something that takes LGBT concerns to a new level.  I was a bit shocked with what you had to say.  Can you elaborate here?

Mr. Cubit:  I’ll just blurt it out.  GAY SEX IS NOT A SIN.  Heterosexual sex is not a sin within marriage.  Neither is gay sex.

Sam:  How did you come to that conclusion?

Mr. Cubit:  The apostles recently disavowed and condemned our past racist beliefs, doctrine and policies.  This is a courageous game changer.  We are finally admitting that prophets can and do get important matters wrong.  This condemnation covers official practices that spanned over 125 years and during the tenure of most presidents of the latter-day church.  The apostles explain that there is no known revelation that implemented the discrimination towards blacks of African decent.  They speculate that church leaders simply fell victim to the prevailing culture of the time.  In other words, it wasn’t God who implemented racism, it was the leadership. 

Sam:  What does that have to do with gay sex?

Mr Cubit:  For a long, long time, we have had a homophobic society.  Just as God is not racist, he is not homophobic.  Rather, I believe that we, as a church, as well as our leadership, have simply fallen victim to the the culture of our time. 

Sam:  How can you possibly say that?

Book of Mormon

Mr. Cubit:  First, I love our LDS scriptures.  The Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the gospel.  Yet, not one homophobic peep.  It’s a book of scripture that was prepared for our day.  An ancient document preserved to direct us in the last dispensation.  Homosexuality is a major issue in the modern era.  Yet, no mention whatsoever.  This book is the Keystone of our religion.  How can we make anti-gay sex a keystone of our doctrine if the Keystone containing the fullness doesn’t condemn it?

What’s more, we have the Doctrine and Covenants.  This is actual modern day revelation from God.  It supports our Keystone.  Just like the Book of Mormon, nary a mention of this supposedly horrendous sin.  God warns of wine, tobacco, and to use meat sparingly.  But, where is the warning of the “far worse” sin of homosexuality.  It’s completely absent.

There is a pattern here, comparable to race and the priesthood.  There was no formal or canonized revelation to exclude blacks.  There is no formal or canonized revelation to exclude homosexuals.  It simply reflects societal views.  God is not racist or homophobic.  He created blacks, black.  He created homosexuals, homosexual.  

Sam:  OK.  What about the bible?

Mr. Cubit:  The Book of Mormon and Doctrine of Covenants witness of Jesus Christ.  They also witness of his teachings.  Here’s what Jesus had to say about homosexuals and gay sex:  NOTHING.  No warning, no condemnation, no exclusion.  For me, that’s one of those powerful confirmations that our LDS scriptures come from God.

Sam:  Aren’t there biblical references that condemn gay sex?

Mr Cubit:  This topic could be a whole interview, by itself.  I’ll try to be short.  The bible does not address sexual orientation or same-sex marriage.  We believe in the bible “as far as it’s translated correctly.”  Many believe these passages are incorrectly interpreted or poorly translated.  Mormons are very selective on what we literally take from the bible.  For example, Paul says that women should not speak in church.  Long hair for men is unnatural.  This revered apostle seemed to sanction slavery, instructing slaves to obey their masters with deep respect.  And, the Old Testament…tons of weird and immoral laws and practices. 

Sam:  The church’s position is that “same sex attraction” is not a sin.  Acting on it is.  Gay people are instructed to refrain from romantic relations for their entire life.

Mr Cubit:  I’m going to use some harsh words here.  There is no way that I could look a gay man in the eyes and say, “The most fulfilling & joyous aspect of my life is a lifelong, romantic & intimate relationship with a person whom I deeply love.  Now, listen up, my homosexual friend, you can never have this.  If you do, you are doomed to hell.”  I find this doctrine arrogant & insensitive, hypocritical and harmful.  There are reports of suicides among our gay youth.  How could there not be, when we offer such a hopeless and damning message.

Sam:  Have you ever brought this up at church or with the leaders?

Mr. Cubit:  No.

Sam:  Why not?

Mr. Cubit:  I value my membership.  Sharing this opinion could result in excommunication.

Sam:  That sounds highly unlikely.

Mr. Cubit:  Not long ago, a couple posted their objection to the teachings about polygamy in D&C 132.  Their stake president demanded that they take down the post.  They refused.  Church discipline was threatened.  They are now disaffected.

Sam:  That’s hard to believe.  So, you have never talked with anybody about this before?

Mr. Cubit:  I’ve talked to 4 members.  But, I have to be super careful.  Discuss with the wrong person…judgment, gossip and possible reports to my bishop.  Here is what these 4 told me.  1) Active, former bishop, not you, Sam.  He said it’s not a sin.  Huge surprise.  2)  Gay friend who left the church after November’s policy…not a sin.  Not a surprise.  3) Semi-active, believing member…not a sin, but doesn’t like to think about it.  A surprise.  4) Active, semi-believing member…of course it’s a sin.  #4 reacted so strongly and judgmentally, that I’m really gun-shy to discuss…unless I know it’s totally safe. 

Sam:  #3 said he doesn’t like to think about it.  How do you feel about that?

Mr. Cubit:  Last year I asked my stake president about a particular sexual practice.  I wanted to know if it was sinful within marriage.  He spoke with wisdom. “I don’t ask any questions about what happens in the bedroom.  That’s between the couple.”  Wow!  I feel the same way about a married gay couple.  I don’t want to know about their bedroom.  Nor, do I want to share with anyone what goes on in mine.

Sam:  Do you think the church will ever change it’s doctrine about homosexuality?

Mr. Cubit:  They will be forced to.  Society is changing all around them.  The pace of change is quickening.  Eventually, corrections will be made to mirror the culture.  Today, we don’t tolerate racism.  Tomorrow, the rising generation will not tolerate homophobia.  Thank heavens.

Sam:  Anything else you would like to share?

Mr. Cubit:  At a recent stake conference, a general authority seventy, said this to LGBT members: “We love you, we understand you, we respect you, we need you. You bring a richer sense of understanding and spirit. Please stay with us.”  

That’s a step in the right direction.  I’d add.  “If you can’t stay with us, I can totally understand.  God loves you just the way you are.  He is going to reverse the current policies and doctrine, but it may take awhile.  In the meantime, I love you whether you leave or stay, remain single or marry.  I support and love you either way.  And so does God!

Sam:  Thanks for being honest and open.  And…thanks for trusting me enough to share what could elicit strong judgmental thinking towards you.

Heaven Prep 101: Tocubit is Invisible’s Cubit


The Incredible Mr. Cubit

My blog barely began 1 month ago. Although still a novice, slowly I’m learning. The best bloggers in the business have given me some awesome advice. Host a guest author on your a post. Since their advice so nicely rhymed, I decided to take it the very next time.

Introducing my first guest author–The incredible Mr. Cubit. A man I became acquainted with merely 2 years ago. He has his faults. His logic is flawed. His perception & understanding mediocre. His grammar and composition sub-par. But…he has fascinating, novel, and unique ideas. Concepts that I have never encountered anywhere else.

He has been highly influential on my writing style. Except for his grim grammar & lousy logic, it’s often hard to tell his writing from mine. It was his prodding that finally pushed me to start blogging.  In fact, the very title of my blog was his brainchild. Enter Mr. Cubit . . .

Greetings from Cubit Land!!

Through a quirk of fate, my new friend, Sam, & I are very, very close in age. We have known each other for only a short time. In fact, exactly several months shy of 2 years and several months. I don’t have as much influence over him as he leads you to believe. For example, I tried to convince him not to describe my writing skills as sub-par. Although true, why tell anybody embarrassing truths. But, whatcha gonna do. Now you know. I write miserably about my masterful musings. By the way, it was I, who schooled Sam on the allure of alliteration.

Heaven Prep 101: Lesson #1.

In the humblest of my humble opinions, I fully believe that ALL my friends are going to heaven. And Sam’s friends, too. Which, of course, means all of you. You were heaven sent and you are heaven bent.

If you’ve done any foreign travel, you know it’s always wise to prepare. Especially, in the lingua franca of your destination. Soon, we will all journey to that country from which there is no return…..heaven. So, here’s lesson #1 in Heaven Prep: 101– A crash course in the spoken tongue of that celestial sovereignty.

Like Sam, I’m Mormon. As far as I know, we are the only religion in the world who possesses a portion of the heavenly language. It’s not much. Just one complete sentence and one word. Under penalty of death, I cannot tell you the sentence.

But, that one word, I can, and will, reveal. One hundred and eighty-one years ago, Deity deigned to dispense this single, singular, sententious, celestial word to the world. It’s the one and only true word from the heavenly language that to earthlings is known. Wow. How important must this extraordinary small set of letters be?  The ONLY utopian utterance we have.

It is found in the most profound of our renowned holy writ.


In the Pearl of Great Price, in the Book of Abraham, in Facsimile #2, Explanation #1 it’s clearly declared: “The measurement according to celestial time, which celestial time signifies ONE DAY TO A CUBIT.”

Just let the profundity of this sentence distill upon your soul like the dew of heaven. ONE DAY TO A CUBIT. That knowledge alone changes lives. Gives purpose. Restores hope.

One day to a cubit.
One day = a cubit.
Day = Cubit.
Today = Tocubit.

The historical preservation of this Kolobian word is also stunning. The Book of Abraham was written by Abraham himself over 2,000 years ago. Hidden in Egyptian hieroglyphics, in an Egyptian papyrus, in an Egyptian mummy in the Egyptian sand. Awaiting, the prophetic calling of the first successful Egyptian translator . . . Joseph Smith.

My friendly friends of Sam, you are now one heavenly WORD closer to fitting-in in heaven. Remember, Oh Remember, Day = Cubit.

Heaven Prep 101: Lesson #2.

You and me, and probably Sam, are destined to become heavenly residents. It might come in handy if we know who the Head Man is. Well, of course, we know who He is. But will we recognize Him? What the heck does He look like? How the heck am I going to catch on to His countenance? I have never seen Him. You’ve never seen him. Even Sam hasn’t seen him. What the heck! Nobody I know has seen him. OK. I just realized I’m talking about heaven and keep using heck. Makes me sound like a redneck, so I’ll put it in check.

God’s appearance? I forthwith share with you my favorite description. It fits perfectly with your, mine and Sam’s life experience. The source is the amazing Apostle Paul of New Testamental fame.

Paul gave his instructive & insightful description of God’s appearance on at least 3 occasions. Let’s put that in perspective. We know that drinking tea prevents us from going to the highest of heavens. Yet, that factoid is only alluded to once in our canon. How about ‘Day = Cubit.’ It, also, is only mentioned in one clear and forthright scripture. And, now, we all know how important that concept is. But, Paul delivers God’s physical description in 3, count ’em, 3 unequivocally biblical verses. This must be important stuff.

Speaking of the almighty, in Colossians 1:15, Paul pronounces Him “The invisible God.”

The Invisible God. That explains everything. Thank…you…Paul! No wonder none of us has ever seen Him. He’s invisible. I love the scriptures!!!

Incidentally, there was only one letter written to the Colossians. It is surmised that they really didn’t like the idea of an invisible god. So, Paul paused his penpalship with Colossian peoples. For your edification, here are the two other references regarding invisibility: 1 Tim 1:17; Hebrews 11:27

Back to the whole point of lesson #2. How to recognize deity? Paul has clearly clued us in. If we see Him, it’s not Him. HE’S INVISIBLE.  That’s it.

At this point, you are SUPER prepared to enter heaven.

Titling a Blog

Initially, Sam balked at my suggestion. After all, nobody, except the most studious of scripture scholars, would have a twinkling of an inkling of it’s intent. But, now you know, don’t you.

Tocubit is Invisible’s Cubit = Today is God’s Day.

May we go and make it His.

With Abounding Affection, Mr. Cubit