I was asked if the young man orgasmed in my mouth

Suicide attemptMy Mormon friends,

Does this title offend you?  I would hope that suicide attempts by our children would be even more alarming.

Certainly, we can’t bury your heads in the sand at this question being asked of a 13 year-old little girl, behind closed doors.  It was asked.  Here’s how this child was left feeling.

…I lost all hope in myself. I started actively planning my suicide.  

…This is still a struggle for me at age 40, and I hope my story helps to prevent this from happening to others.

Read the entire story (#395) that this grown woman had the courage to share…with her name attached.

I write this post with tears in my eyes for this 13 year old child.  And…anger at the lasting damage that my church inflicted upon her.

Dear Alice,

I and, 52,000 others, see you.  We hear you.  We extend out hearts in love and empathy.  What happened to you was wrong and we are sorry.

You have shared a righteous yearning, “I hope my story helps to prevent this from happening to others.”  My sweet friend, we are standing up and speaking out to make your hope a reality.  Your voice is going to help prevent 13 year-olds of today from repeating your dreadful experience of yesterday.

Thank you!

Millstones Abound

“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

Could Jesus have been more clear?  Did he ever issue a more stern warning?  Well…I’m not going to hell with a millstone wrapped around my neck.  It’s time we all act together to eliminate the hideous harms that our interview protocols allow and then to which we turn a blind eye.

Join The Historic March-For-The-Children

If you are in Utah, within driving distance, or even flying distance, come help us assure that the children of the future don’t repeat the dreadful experiences of children in our past.

On FridayMarch 30, 2018 we will gather at the Salt Lake City/County Building.  Then march 5 blocks to the LDS Church Office Building.  Upon arrival, we will present 2 items to church officials:

  1. The signatories on the Petition to Protect The Children.  Currently, 53,000 have signed their names.  See both petitions HERE and HERE.
  2. Sacred Stories of Sacred Children.  A record of childhoods destroyed behind closed doors.  We will present 15 books, each labeled with a specific apostle’s name.  The books will contain several blank pages.  At the rally, before the march commences, participants will have the opportunity to write a short note to the corresponding apostle.

Register here so we can get an accurate count ahead of time.  Our goal is 1,000 marchers.  So far, 610 have signed up.

How can you help protect our children:

  • Share the march info everywhere.
  • Bring your friends & family.
  • Encourage friends & family in Utah and surrounding states to join us.

We are making Mormon history.  Come make it with us.  It will be a once in a lifetime event.

Local Rallies

Many friends of Protect-The-Children who want to come to the march are constrained by time, distance, or money.

Good News!!!  We are organizing local rallies in offsite locations to coincide with the Utah march.  Same date, same time…different place.  Imagine 10 people in Seattle, 20 in Dallas, 15 in St. Louis and so on and so on and so on!

Every place we have a gathering, local media will be invited to cover.  We are expecting the national media to be at the SLC event.  The local rallies will illustrate in a big way that our cause is a country-wide movement and deserves national attention.

This will be a big step in bringing awareness to good Mormon parents and bishops everywhere.  So far, our efforts have reached some.  The march will extend our reach many times over.

If you are interested in participating in a local rally, please register here.  A volunteer coordinator will reach out to you soon.

Come help us save our children!!!  Whether it be at Church Headquarters or at local venues all across the country, your efforts will protect generations of children to come.