Sue the Hell out of the Mormon Church

RyanWhiteOn March 30, 2018, one thousand child protection advocates rallied at the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City.  Books were delivered into the hands of the official Church representative.  These volumes contained hundreds of first hand stories recounting the horrific harms done to children behind the doors of Mormon bishops.

Effective with the delivery of these tragic stories, the Apostles can no longer publicly feign that they are unaware of the dangers their policies expose children to.  Indisputable evidence is now in their hands.  And everybody knows it.

It’s inexcusable that this continues to happen:

In December 2018, Bishop Jeffry Bryan Head was arrested and charged with two counts of forcible sex abuse and two counts of lewdness.  These crimes were committed while he was a serving bishop.  The victims were boys in his congregation.  Gross, disgusting, criminal behavior that will affect these children the rest of their lives.

Bishop Head is only one in a long line of Mormon bishops who have abused children.  When will the Church do what is right?  These crimes were facilitated by one-on-one interviews where sexually explicit questions are fair game.  NO OTHER CHURCH allows this behavior.  The Mormon leaders should have made appropriate policy changes  the day we delivered the evidence of their wrong-doings.

So how is it that the church will finally be dragged into the modern world of truly caring for children’s safety?  If a child is abused, here’s my recommendation:


They don’t seem to listen to anything else.

It’s inexcusable that this continues to happen:

In April 2019, a “lifetime registered sex offender was arrested for sexually assaulting a minor.”  He was a leader in the local Mormon congregation.  Why was he allowed to work with the youth?  Because the Mormon Church requires NO BACKGROUND CHECKS on anybody.  Not on the congregational leaders.  Not on the regional leaders.  Not on any adult who works with children.

This is inexcusable.  The Mormon Church has become a safe hunting ground for pedophiles.

If a child is abused, here’s my recommendation:


They don’t seem to listen to anything else.

Help Stamp Out Child Sex Abuse in Religious Institutions

Protect Every Child has mountainous plans  to save children in 2019.  Please stand up and make a difference.

  1. Sign the New Petition.
  2. Share and talk about the petition.
  3. Climb a mountain, unfurl a banner, take a picture and share it.
  4. Come to the March on October 5, 2019 in Salt Lake City.

The march will make all the difference in the world if….lots of people show up.    The media pays attention to numbers.  So do institutions, politicians and society at large.  And large need to be our numbers for October 5th.  The lofty goal is 5,000 child protection advocates marching the streets of Salt Lake City while waving the banners that have been unfurled high on the mountain tops.


8 thoughts on “Sue the Hell out of the Mormon Church

  1. Has not Sam testified of the wrongs of what have occurred from asking CHILDREN sexually explicate questions? Yea, he has boldly, and what was the LDS / Brighamite cDevilhurch done in response, they want to cast him out, and have said Sam Young is of the and will not get back in his place where he belongs and we need to remove him from our ranks. All while at the same time protecting the one on the right of the picture. Who had his books sell in Deseret Book until recently as the LDS / Brighamite church trying to hide or be secret about what is going on. I have never read any of his books, but I can speculate it would of had things that mostly tickled peoples ears, especially considering he has not had the baptism of fire or if he once did he has lost it because of his sins and crimes against God and the people. A repentant man will confess of his sins, not hide behind the law or lawyers. Now also take a look at which man the LDS / Brighamite church is supporting and which one they are forsaking. To me this is a very dirty rotten fruit of theirs.

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  2. Amen! They DON’T listen to anything else!
    It’s funny, well…, sad really…., that the LDS Church acts just like an abuser. Abusive/narcissistic personality types want one thing.
    These bullies seek out those less powerful than themselves for easier wins, to overpower them, and get a power fix of some kind. Sometimes it’s assaulting a child, sometimes it’s a ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme to take money from the vulnerable. All the same motive. POWER over others is the ultimate goal.
    There is ONLY one battle ground that they can be faced upon, where they will back down. A battle ground where they clearly are outnumbered or overpowered. A Power differential, where they aren’t the one big enough and strong enough to easily overpower their victim, is the only check mate in their game.

    They are the schoolhouse bully. Backing down only when a bigger kid shows up on the playground. Our only hope of stopping this bully is showing up in numbers, in power, and standing our ground. If that means suing the church, because money is power, or showing up to the march, because numbers are power, this is how we win.
    Media and numbers are a show of power.
    Hitting them where their money is, is a show of power.
    If we win, the church will have to back down, and STOP the practice of taking children behind closed doors, one on one, with an older man, allowing them to assault the child emotionally by using sexually explicit questions to ‘prove their worthiness’ (a type of sexual abuse), or to physically assault the child sexually, being given the perfect opportunity.
    The church refuses to SEE that this is happening, tho it’s being reported in the news, tho we march and tell our stories, delivering them directly to the leaders at their door. It’s a replay of the battle with the Catholic Church to get them to address the evils happening behind closed doors, that they didn’t want to see, because seeing it threatened their power.

    Why must these institutions be overpowered by the war of numbers and media, in order to stop their bullying, narcissistic ways?
    Power is delicious to them.
    Righteous Power is the only weapon that brings down tyranny.
    Righteous Power is the only weapon that stops a bully.
    Righteous Power is the only weapon that stops abusive people or institutions!
    Sue the hell out of the Mormon church. March in SLC in October. Sign the petition. Unfurl a flag.
    Fight back.

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  3. Protect every Child or attack the LDS Church? You continue to blast attacks at the Church yet ignore the dozens of reports over the last few months on abuses coming from schools, other churches and even homes. This movement is bogus and is a front to attack the Church.

    As far as your evidence claim, you know that is a lie. We have been given proof at at least 1 of those “stories” were fake to see if you would accept it. How many more were? Your “evidence” was tainted and therefore invalid.


    1. Jim, you’re right that abuses also happen in schools, other churches, and homes. Does that give the church a pass on the need to address what can happen in their own congregations? I don’t think so. The church is in the drivers seat on this matter, and yet seems to think the autopilot it’s been on for many generations doesn’t need any correction. Schools and most other churches require background checks on anyone that has involvement with children. In the city I live in, parents can’t even help pass out cupcakes in school classrooms without a background check. I know that sounds extreme, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. But you somehow believe that continuing to allow private interviews, one-on-one behind closed doors is a safe and responsible activity. The church leaders must not think there is any problem since they see no reason for better protection of children. So the church is complicit in condoning abuse of children by failing to put in place steps to protect children. Your defense of the status quo of the church, and your belief that stories of abuse are fake is what is bogus.

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    2. Protect every child, and for us who came from Mormonism, ESPECIALLY Mormon children. Also there is a difference between an attack and requiring accountability.

      As for your fake story submission, we would accept your account and give you the benefit of the doubt because victims have more to risk by telling than by staying silent. We would want you to feel safe and supported. Victims don’t typically lie, but unfortunately we do get a small selection of people who would fake something in order to get attention or attempt to discredit real cases. Faking things like a sexual assault, racial attack, child abuse, domestic violence, or any other trauma event, is disturbing.

      If you want to understand the scope of the Mormon child sexual abuse problem, you can google “Mormon/LDS sex abuse cases” and you will find new and ongoing cases. Legitimate reports will have links to the official case information, including charges, jurisdiction, offender name, and sometimes victims witnesses and evidence will be referenced. When you find them you will need to know that although there are many, you are only looking at the tip of the iceberg. It is a complex problem compounded by the organization investing unlimited time, money, and resources into covering for the offenders and then defending them if they are high profile.

      If you did in fact submit a fake story claiming abuse by a Mormon bishop or other priesthood holder, you owe a retraction.

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  4. My opinion as an outsider, Jim, you couldn’t be more wrong. This MUST STOP, whatever it takes! Questioning children like this is inexcusable! And do quit the attempted subject change. Abuse anywhere is terrible. But this abuse is condoned by a church. That is what must change.

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  5. Hey Sam! We haven’t been able to attend your other marches but our family of 7 will be there October 5th.
    Love you Sam!


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