Where Oh Where is Jesus, as Tears Streak Our Children’s Cheeks?

CryingWomanThe Naked Mormon podcast was recorded on Monday and published yesterday. I just listened to it tonight.  Bryce interspersed the interview by reading several of the stories on the website.
I’ve read every damn story already.  But, as Bryce read them, I cried again.  At every single one. Vicarious trauma has set in big time tonight.
Bryce said, “These stories matter.” You bet they matter. These are real people. These were real children.  Innocent children.  Victimized by a well-intentioned but, highly flawed institutional practice.
After 2 1/2 hours of podcast, Bryce’s last words were, “If history is any indicator of future events, the battle has just begun.” That brought big tears that are still flowing.
Oh hell, how can this just be the beginning?  Children.Are.Being.Destroyed.  How can this be the beginning?  We know what is happening.  How can this possibly not be the end of doing hideous damage to the little ones?
Where is our love of following the Savior? Where is Jesus in all of this? After all, it was he who said, “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”
In the face of Christ’s dire warning, how can it be that we are battling each other?  How can it be that we have just started fighting?
Let us finish….And protect our precious and vulnerable children.
Here’s the Petition.
Here’s the March.
Sealed with the tears of thousands of adults whose childhoods perished behind-closed-doors.  Tonight, my tears mix with theirs.

6 thoughts on “Where Oh Where is Jesus, as Tears Streak Our Children’s Cheeks?

  1. Dear Sam,

    I love reading your empassioned, powerful emotions translated not only into words … but into actions as well.

    I will confess that some of the words you choose to describe The Brethren and their Church virtually leap off the page and command my attention. Here is an example from your post:

    “…Victimized by a well-intentioned but, highly flawed institutional practice.”

    I agree that most Bishops and Stake Presidents are kind-hearted, decent men who truly believe they are doing the right thing … ostensibly well-intentioned. Many (nowhere near enough) have fortunately retained a sufficient, critical mass of their own conscience and intrinsic sense of goodness and decency to NEVER ask probing, sexually detailed questions to ANYONE, child or adult.

    I cannot extend any similar benefit of “well-intentioned” doubt to anyone above Stake President in the Priesthood hierarchy. The Brethren are fully cognizant that their institutionalized, top-priority, fully-correlated emphasis on sexual purity is intentionally crafted and designed to INSTILL guilt, shame and self-loathing in the rank and file members of their Church. (Little girls are even shamed for showing bare shoulders?)

    In contrast to the majority of Bishops and Stake Presidents, The Brethren are NOT kind-hearted, warm and loving grandfather figures watching over their flock and following the example of Jesus. Dallin Oaks is perhaps the least-talented pretender of the Q15 “representative of Jesus Christ” actors. He actually thought it was a good idea to speak these words in public … on TV … (with a smiling smirk on his face)

    “It’s wrong to criticize the leaders of the Church … even if the criticism is true.”

    In other words, Elder Oaks believes that he, himself, and The Other Brethren are above criticism. I find it challenging to figure out how to ascribe the adjective “well-intentioned” to Elder Oaks. If he says THAT in public, what on earth does he THINK about in his private thoughts?

    Litmus Test: If The Brethren were actually “well-intentioned” … would innocent LDS children be kiliing themselves?

    And now that Sam Young has exposed this horrific underbelly of The Only True Church, why have The Brethren remained so deafeningly SILENT? (Other than to threaten Sam with excommunication?)

    Never mind The Brethren … who at this juncture are too impotent (and checkmated) to even speak. Sam Young has … no doubt … ALREADY kept some number of LDS children ALIVE … who would otherwise be dead … from a fatal dose of The Correlated Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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      1. My Dear Sam-the-Lionheart,

        I just now finished listening to Bryce’s hard-hitting interview with you. You showed up as your usual amazing persona … telling your own truth and renewing your commitment to protect those who cannot protect themselves … with steadfast and unswerving conviction and courage. Your ability to stay focused ON POINT and not allow yourself to be diverted to side issues was consistent and powerful.

        Bryce did a masterful job of totally resonating with you and Protect LDS Children, and then at the podcast conclusion, adding his own passionate appeal with moving eloquence and a powerful expression to The Brethren … to protect the good name of the Church by simply Doing What Is Right.

        The stunning picture Bryce painted of an interview policy change announcement at General Conference the day after your March for the Children … drove the point home to help everyone understand just how EASY it would be for The Brethren to simply Do What Jesus Would Do … by … Undoing What Jesus Would Have Never Done in the first place.

        Like Bryce, I sadly expect Hell to sooner freeze over than for The Brethren to do the right thing to protect the children … while simultaneously buttressing the Good Name of the Church.

        Why can’t this happen, Sam? Why can’t what’s as plain on the nose on EVERYONE’s face … both to faithful members IN the Church, exMormons OUT of the Church, and EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET … why can’t it happen?

        Bryce helped us answer that question when he underscored just how POWERFUL is Guilting and Shaming the defenseless and vulnerable … as what? … as a highly effective tool of Mind Control, and not only within Mormonism, but as a core feature of Christianity in general.

        The Brethren understand these powerful principles of Mind Control and have no intention of voluntarily relaxing their tentacled, iron-rod grip on the psyches and wallets of the millions of cash cows in their world-wide herd of parasite hosts. Only when the Public Outcry reaches sufficient decibels to wake up even more of their comatose controlees, will The Brethren eventually cave to avoid more of their own Shame and Guilt to be paraded for all to witness and judge on the world stage.

        By their fruits ye shall know them. The fruits of The Brethren include hundreds of DEAD CHILDREN and thousands of SHATTERED CHILDHOODS and ruined lives.

        Never mind what The Brethren SAY.

        THIS is what The Brethren DO.

        If Jesus Christ were to return to Earth and join the Mormon Church, it would not be long before Jesus’ Bishop and Stake President charge Him with Apostasy for failure to respect and obey The Brethren.

        Most fortunately for this beautiful Planet Earth, we do not have to wait for Jesus to come again before the Children receive long overdue Protection. We don’t have to wait … because … Sam Young is HERE NOW.

        And Sam Young is doing precisely what Jesus would do.

        Sam, I am sure that Jesus is smiling down on you … as we speak … and saying to Himself, “Thank you, Sam Young, for saving me a trip.”

        I never get tired of listening to you speak, Sam. And Bryce did a spectacular job interviewing you and adding his own powerful sentiments.

        I feel so proud of you and the towering role model of courageously strong and yet tenderly loving manhood, fatherhood and brotherhood that you embody from head to toe. My good fortune to have personally met you swells my heart. My even-deeper amazement that you consider me as a close friend … just brings me to tears of gratitude.

        I dearly love you as well, Sam. Thank you for accepting me as your friend.

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      2. Hi Gary,

        As always your powerful words of encouragement lift my heart and renew my commitment.

        This gave me a big belly laugh: ” Jesus is smiling down on you … as we speak … and saying to Himself, “Thank you, Sam Young, for saving me a trip.” Hahahaha!

        I look back on those dinners we had with relish and great fondness. I’ll never forget the first drive to the restaurant. We didn’t know each other well. Yet there you were sharing a super vulnerable part of your past. At one point, I involuntarily burst out laughing. You had just related something both tender and outrageous and my reaction was to guffaw. But, you were totally understanding. You knew why the idiotic comment of the trained professional in the story was both tragic and laughable. I bonded with you in that very moment. I’m a fortunate man to have a friend like you.



  2. Oh Sam! The weight you must feel on your shoulders right now. I’m slowing getting through the stories. They are heavy and heartbreaking.

    I’m grateful for you and your dedication to helping change this policy.
    I stand with you and help hold you up with prayers and love.

    The podcast was well done. I cried too.

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