“This is Sick and Sad,” Parents learn a lesson.

lessons-learnedThis is story #376 on ProtectLDSChildren.org.  So many things wrong!!!

We had postponed my daughter’s baptism for months so that her older brother could return from a sales job and baptize her. Days before the scheduled baptism we got a text from our bishop that our son was not ” worthy” to baptize his sister because he had masturbated that week. Our bishop encourages youth to text him right away when they masturbate so they can repent right away. My son is so good and honest and sensitive that he actually did it.

We tried to talk to the bishop, noting that in the church handbook it does not give bishops this authority. My husband has never been asked if he masturbated before baptizing our other kids. It also says in the handbook that fathers who are not temple worthy can baptize their kids. The bishop spent the whole time defending his point and assuring us the stake president would be on his side.

So, my little girl cried herself to sleep and my other children had to deal with unacceptable explanations. And my son…I’ve never met a young person so connected to the Spirit, so humble and willing to do what’s right, so committed to study and prayer. His best wasn’t good enough, and it was devastating. He was thrown into a pit of depression for months. Thankfully, he is doing much better, and we have learned our lesson.  How did I think these interviews were okay when I won’t leave my kids alone with a doctor or dentist?

My oldest son also had his mission papers delayed for 20 months, always keeping him in limbo affecting college and life plans. Arbitrary abstinence times set up that dragged on because, well because they thought it was their business to know if he masturbates. There is plenty of scientific research showing that masturbation is normal and healthy and there is nothing in church doctrine to show otherwise. This is sick and sad. We must do better for our kids!


3 thoughts on ““This is Sick and Sad,” Parents learn a lesson.

  1. What perverted predators! Sick and wrong! I hope they did or still will contact the stake pres to see if he is a predator too, and climb the latter-day ladder boldly standing for Christ, in the face of some who embrace the forced salvation of Saint’nism. The war in heaven still rages, many battles being won on both sides, with a long history of this in our church and others, for those who have eyes and ears to see and hear.

    Bishops do vary a lot, and this abuse by Christ’s Bullies. By their works of darkness in God’s name you WILL know them. Getting to know actual creation of the bible historical info of how it all came into being, where much was borrowed from, and how it was written and changed, to get a peak into this process of men aching to lead and save.

    These predatory perversions and abuse must be stopped cold in their tracks, identified, questioned, reported, with light shown on them, said Jesus.

    It’s time for everyone to get a few lessons in church history, Christianity history and other civilizations’ and religions’ history and how they all connect and pervert naturally. This is how every govt and church perverted and died in the BoM: Narcissists take over to save you, no differently than our church has too (the BoM which can’t be wrong on this?). We all need education of doctrines vs perversions, and see a losist of changing doctrines and policies and what defines each and why they were made and fell due to being flase (lies in god’s name). Can we see that and then liken that unto us and our day? Or is that teaching of Christ and His prophets now changed? By their fruits…

    Perversions and predation in the name of God always happened and will happen over and over. Why? When any govt or church corrupts too far, they must then automatically fail, or, command you to “Obey and Don’t Question!” as their 2 New Great Commandments. Can we apply “By their fruits…” to this, or is that now forbidden too? Nephi, Lehi and many more warned us right along with Christ to not follow leaders/men blindly (1 Nephi 8:5-9). Look how the pharisees got out of hand.

    Do we have the same in our day who would report you and Crucify you for questioning and not living the letter of the law, the laws of men, or crucify you for not living “God’s very own letter of the law?” No, today they certainly won’t crucify you, but some will seek to burn you at the Stake (Center) and smear and outcast you for Christ, and take away your salvation for doing as Christ commanded, questioning and following Him first. By their fruits…

    We need to know how and why to say “NO!” to perverts, God’s Predators (not always sexual), and teach our children how to identify what is of God and what is Saint’nism = forced goodness/Abuse to save you (just not Christlike). We can’t say “NO!” to predators if we can’t even see them, identify them by their works against Christ’s words. Once we know which scriptures (and modern “commandments”) were written by impostors (and why, historically repetitive) it then gets easier to know which doctrines and policies are consistent with christ’ message of love which all leaders should follow too (D&C 121 and many more).

    We have to start with learning ourselves so we can then Teach our own children that they are safe talking to us, which is by far not just sexual. Judgmentalness is the big key to both our communication style and with identifying and saying “NO!” to judgemental “saving predator” communication from narccistic leaders representing themselves and friends, hopefully becoming more than obviously that they are not representing a loving forgiving Christ with no abuse strings attached. Where is the line of those abuse strings? Christ gave us the clear roadmap on that, IF, we can hear Him first, even when leaders are commanding and demanding the opposite, even in His name, threatening your very membership and salvation for not hearing and obeying them first. By their fruits… Matt 7:15-20 & Matt 23 – Google and read them both right now.

    Its certainly time right now to get the big picture on all of this, and much more, what is truth, what is an impostor, and even how the scriptures were written and why many truly contradict each other and even why some scripture authors contradict themselves, and Christ. Their words are NOT always the word of God, though some scriptures are very inspired while others are not. Can we toss the contradictions? Or, is that forbidden (Obey! Don’t Question!”)? We must come to understand why, and what following the out of step farce verses (and leader quotes) does to us and our kids.

    A few books need to be written for those who intend to stay in such a church of commanded and justified perversions even in Christ’s name, to root that out on a personal level till needed institutional changes can be made. It is sad to see many church leaders choosing by their agency to take the wrong/dark side of history on even more issues that will crash and burn just like so many other issues and “doctrines” have before us.
    By their fruits….

    Christ warned us nonstop of this natural perversion, as did his in-tune prophets, endlessly. Do we have eyes to see and ears to hear what is of Him?

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  2. What “institutional changes can be made”? It is what it is. It is what it has always been. We were SO naive. We did not accept responsibility for our own decisions viz. to follow blindly because he “was called of God”. And now how do we undo the mess? The damage has been done and the petition has exposed all the rubbish to everyone…except ” for those who are so blind that they will not see and so deaf that they will not hear”.
    And yet, apart from all this perversion and these predators, is a loving God and it is to Him only that we owe our allegiance.
    What really irks me is the fact that the victim is blamed and shamed, whereas the true culprits obsessed with the concept of masturbation .”.the question which is always asked” are absolved from any wrongdoing, despite the fact that those culprits generally initiated the problem in the first instance.

    We certainly do need to have a knowledge of the history of the Bible as you have indicated Tom M. I agree with your comment. I came across a book entitled “A History of God ” by Margaret Armstrong. For the first time despite 55 years in the Mormon C, I learned why God had stated “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”; an actual historical fact.
    Finally this whole issue of abuse reminds me of a visiting American family, the mother of which, having being called as RS president of our then ward, rescued a sister whose husband was abusing her. She related that back home this was often a problem. One wife was enduring regular abuse at the hands of her husband, who was a doctor. When this RS President, also in the same postion “back home” told the wife’s parents, their answer was simply: “Well she probably deserved it”.

    In order for change to be brought about the whole mindset in the LDS C will have to be overturned… to no longer regarding the innocent as culprits and those in “authority” the potential predators, as having been called by God, so that the church ceases to facilitate this abuse especially of young people.

    How perceptive of you Tom when you refer to being burned at “the Stake Center” because in fact the hierarchy would refer the whole matter of apostacy back to the Stake President, who would then make the final decision to excommunicate.
    Please Sam you are doing such an amazing job as you go along.

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