France Dreams of Protecting our Children

Eiffel TowerThis message came in tonight.  Gooooooooosebumps!!!

I read it to my wife.  She responded, “I love how the Holy Ghost works.  He inspires men around the world to engage in good causes.”

When this man’s turn comes to be bishop, the French children will NOT be all alone behind closed doors.

Dear Brother YOUNG,

I am an active LDS member in France.

I would like to share with you an experience I had almost 2 years ago.

Our bishop was about to be released. And I was having a lot of experiences regarding our ward, its members, its auxiliaries.  I interpreted them to be teachings, and preparatory experiences.

One of them was special, as it was a dream or a vision.  I couldn’t really tell.

In this “vision” I saw 2 parents in an office, a bishop’s office.  And there was a young woman with them.  I assumed she was their daughter.

They were there for an interview.

I didn’t see the bishop, because I interpreted that I was the bishop and that I was being taught through a vision.

The teaching was that parents were to be there during interviews with our youth.

At the time, I didn’t know about the fight you bravely carry on.  But I felt that I had to share that experience with you. 

You will obtain what you’re fighting for. The Church will change it’s policy about interviews.

I love our Church.  It literally breaks my heart  to see the mistakes, the bad choices, and the sufferings caused by the agency of leaders…But this all we got…MEN.

And it will be this way till our Savior comes back and reigns.


Your friend from France


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