Love Your Enemies. Protect Our Children.


The Temple Square Petition Drive looms just 12 hours away.  Mom and I have spent the past couple of days winding up the loose ends.  We’re locked, loaded and ready to go.

We are receiving lots of positive support.  Of course, unfriendly fire is also blowing up my messages.


Then, an amazing surprise.  My good friend George sent a message tonight.  I have never met him.  Don’t even know if this is his real name.  My first introduction to George was a real gut-punch.  Almost one year ago.

His message follows:

Nov 30, 2017


Long time no chat, or at least no chat from under my name.  I noticed some time ago that you invited me to forward some things to your stake president.  I didn’t do it, for the record.  The only time I ever forward anything to anyone’s local leadership is when it appears to me that they are being deceptive to their leaders. Since I no longer worry that they are under any illusion regarding your feelings regarding the Church, and since you no longer have a temple recommend, there isn’t any reason for me to help them see what they are dealing with.  

Having said all that, you are certainly a source of sadness for me.  Your fall, and the negative impacts it is having on your family and a host of others, will someday soon be the source of tremendous regret in your life, and that makes me very sad.  


My response:

Nov. 30, 2017

Hi George,

What a treat to hear from you.  And I’m serious about that. 

I’m sorry that I’ve been a source of sadness to you.  On the other hand, many are taking hope and encouragement.  Both people in and out of the church.

It appears that you and I have a mutual interest—my family.  One of the main reasons that I do what I do is for the benefit of my family.  The grandchildren will soon enter their years of risky bishop interviews. 

Since you are concerned about my family, I invite you to sign the petition.  Help  stop the practice of untrained older men taking children behind closed doors, all alone, and asking them about masturbation.  Often without the knowledge or consent of the parents.

All my very best wishes & Merry Christmas,


Protect Our Children

Please take a few seconds and Sign the Petition.

Whether you Mormon, former Mormon or  Never-Mormon, I invite you to join thousands of us to protect these innocent children.



2 thoughts on “Love Your Enemies. Protect Our Children.

  1. Dear Gary,

    Thanks for your comment….that you haven’t yet composed. Of all the blogs I’ve written, kind of weird that this is the one I found myself craving your input on.

    So, thanks in advance, for your hard-hitting, insightful, playful and loving commentary.



  2. My Dear Sam,

    I just saw your email to me. Here is my now-being-composed blog comment to you in response:

    George wrote to you:

    “Having said all that, you are certainly a source of sadness for me. Your fall, and the negative impacts it is having on your family and a host of others, will someday soon be the source of tremendous regret in your life, and that makes me very sad.”

    This triggers me to cite one of my Essential Life Maxims:

    Never accept ANY incoming messaging at face value. Do not let the message touch you before stopping to Calibrate the Sender. In some cases, depending on the core values, character and degree of brain distortion suffered by the Sender, you may find it necessary to flip, negate, reverse, invert or mirror the message to DETOXIFY the message content to make it worthy to touch your beautiful heart, Sam.

    === end of maxim ===

    I will offer some assistance with this real-life example from George. (Thank you, George, for your excellent maxim fodder. There’s nothing like a real-life test to see how the maxim performs.)

    Step 1: Block the message at the doorstep. Do not let it in yet.

    Step 2: Calibrate the Sender aka Calibrate George:

    (My suggestion to George is to NOT read further. Seriously. No really. Please stop reading, George.)

    With all due respect to George and his right to believe whatever he believes for whatever reason he wants to believe it, it is beyond crystal clear to me, based on his blog comment directed at you, Sam, that George is under the unfortunately toxic influence of the Mind Control Cult founded by Joseph Smith and administered today by The Brethren. George is behaving like a crab in the bucket who reaches up and pulls down any of his fellow crabs who dares to try to climb out of the bucket to freedom.

    In fewer words, the Sender of the messaging to you, Sam, is addressing you from a position of Mind Controlled Toxic Soup aka the Fullness of the Restored Gospel. He sees you climbing yourself up and out of the soup to fresh air and freedom.

    Step 3: (In this particular case) it’s time to flip, negate, reverse, invert or mirror the message from George … about like this:

    “Having said all that, you are certainly a source of encouragement for me. Your waking up, and the positive impacts it is having on your family and a host of others, will someday soon be the source of tremendous joy and satisfaction in your life, and that makes me very happy.”

    So, Sam, after applying the maxim to George’s incoming messaging, it is now detoxified and fully worthy for you to safely allow entrance into your beautiful soul.

    (I do hope George is not still reading this. Nobody likes being calibrated like what just happened. I’m sorry if you are reading this, George. You were warned.)

    And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free . . . but not before it PISSES YOU OFF LIKE YOU’VE NEVER BEEN PISSED OFF BEFORE. That process for you, Sam, started 3 years ago. George is not there yet. Hopefully, he will wake up at some time in the future and start pushing crabs out of the bucket instead of pulling them back down . . . to provide another nice dinner for The Brethren.


    Sam, you are one of the most decent, generous, loving, courageous and just plain beautiful human beings I have ever met. In time, I am sure you will become more and more self-confident and secure in your intrinsic goodness and less vulnerable to the inevitable arrows and barbs aimed at you by people you have known and loved for many years. You are wise enough to stop time … pause for a moment … and empathize with how they must feel when the belief system upon which their entire existence is built starts to crack … when someone they saw as a “Stalwart Pillar of Strength” seems to “crumble” before their eyes and threaten the faux safety and security of their blissful ignorance.

    That is where George is … as we speak. He deserves our compassion and empathy. After all, we have both been there, done that.

    Thank you so much for reaching out, Sam. All I am doing is holding up a clear and bright mirror to your face, to give you a clearer glimpse of the reality that when God made Sam Young, He did good!

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