Conversations. Chapter 1: George

img_0155Today, I received this message from an anonymous George.

Dec 15, 2016

Hi Sam,

You don’t know me, but I know you. I know you have been lying to your stake president. Given your recent upset feelings regarding what you perceive to be dishonesty from the Church, the hypocrisy of your lies to your stake president are galling. You should know that almost everything you have written on the Mormon Stories facebook group over the last three months has been provided to your stake president. So, whether you like it or not, the next time you speak with him, all of your cards will be on the table.

My Response:

Dec 15, 2016

Hello George,

Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully, all my cards are already on the table. If they are not, I want them to be. I don’t fear my beliefs. I don’t fear my stake president nor the church. If you have followed me then you should know that I am attempting to follow the teachings and example ascribed to Christ. I’m certainly imperfect at it. What I absolutely know is that I have helped people in pain both in and out of the church. If you have read my posts you must have seen that.

All my best in what you are trying to accomplish. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that you have only the best of intentions.


20 thoughts on “Conversations. Chapter 1: George

  1. Oh my!! George sounds like someone from Scientology!! Ive been watching this documentary about that religion and they are quite scary to faith transitioners. I hope George is not in my ward/stake!!

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  2. I’d like to say to George how childish you sound 😦
    A child that wants to tattle on someone . Silly George

    Sam you have the light of Christ in your messages.

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  3. Sounds a bit more like “I’m gonna tell mommy!”, but George would like Mormonism to be a bit more like Scientology – but I may be over reaching. Your a good man Sam.

    And on your title of this post, “Is it possible to follow Jesus Christ in the Church of Jesus Christ?” I would answer it with a “yes”. Even though I am disengaging from the church I still know of some people in the church that I think are doing all they can to follow Christ. Given I live way outside the Mormon corridor I also see a ton of people outside the church that I also put in that same category.

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    1. I’ve been called a bully, liar, dumbass, hypocrite, delusional, predator, full of crap, and the best one, un-Christlike. What a monster.


    1. I was discussing in a closed group, not an open forum. It appears that some people want to strip away all safe places whatsoever. I decided months ago that I’m having none of that. I’ve been told to shut up too many times. Something is very wrong if we are forbidden from talking about our own history and doctrine within the walls of the church. And then to censure it in private!!! It’s ridiculous. I know it is. The world knows it is. My intent has been to help people who are in the gut wrenching pain of a faith transition. And, if possible, to help them stay in the church. As of this very minute I have found exactly ZERO leaders or members who care one whit about these issues. And how do I judge that? By their actions. So far, nothing has been done. Two years. In the two years that I’ve been trying to bring these issues to light zip, zero nada. Sure, people talk a good game. But, it’s all talk. When it’s all talk for 2 years, I’m going to render the judgment that NOBODY gives a damn. If they do, step up to the plate and do something.

      Janice, I love you and thanks for your great comments.


      1. I wonder how many who read this know you personally? If they do…(George) then it would be easy for them to see your actions!!! You, my friend Sam, are bravely and LOVINGLY reaching out to those who have questions and doubts. You are providing a safe space for them! I’ve only attended church a couple times in the past 2 years…in my 45+ years of Uber activity I NEVER once experienced or saw a safe space within the church culture for open, honest discussion. Open honest hard questions. Not one time!

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  4. Hey George…You do realize one of the most oft-repeated accusations against the LDS Church is that it is a cult? Right?

    Your message to Sam turned the accusation into a truth.

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  5. I typically think profanity a poor substitute for good descriptive language. Then I meet/hear of someone like George and I have to admit I must be lacking in good language. The descriptions that come to mind all seem to contain rather impolite words. At any rate, thanks for being so gracious in your response to this very un-Christlike man.

    I find it curious: it sounds like he thinks his threat is something to be scared of. It would be consistent with a guilty conscience if he thinks a SP knowing private thoughts and actions is a terrible thing. OTOH, it appears you are unconcerned, Sam. Isn’t it funny that acting with integrity can make the threat of “exposure” of relatively little significance while revealing so much about the one making the threat.

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    1. I’ve a good descriptive word: wierdo. The whole “I’m a gonna tell” attitude in so many members just bizarre. Where does it come from? I’ve enough of my own faults to worry about and work on rhan to put someone else on my own personal defaulter’s list.

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  6. George wrote to Sam: (as quoted by Sam)

    “You should know that almost everything you have written on the Mormon Stories facebook group over the last three months has been provided to your stake president.”

    The Church excommunicates the wrong members for the wrong reasons. George should be excommunicated for acting like a kindergarten tattletale. The bigger problem is Mormon Cult-ure with core values that more closely remember Fascism than the Golden Rule.

    “Tattle on others as you would have them tattle on you.”

    Some (if not many) members have the Church they do indeed deserve. Others who deserve a church that makes an honest effort to teach and practice the Golden Rule should go join the Community of Christ. There you get to keep Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon (if you still need that) and get to ditch all the bigotry, racism, misogyny and homophobia that’s provided at no extra charge with your LDS temple recommend.

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  7. Sally, I continue to be confused by your writings. Who are you really? You speak of your years of uber activity. That’s the Sally the SugarLand Saints remember. We remember the Sally who stood up in Testimony Meetings, SS, RS, and years in Seminary and professed her belief in the gospel and how your prayers had been answered. I never once heard one word of doubt pass your lips although you say you have had had those doubts. Then you moved to Utah and the few times we talked or emailed, you still spoke of the gospel as your life. You married and y’all moved back to Texas and I read with tears many times as Tag was losing his battle with cancer. And not ONCE did I read about anything but your love of the gospel and its teachings. Then Tag passed away and you moved to Utah and now all the things you said in your prior life was all a lie and now you have found your true self. All those years of motivational speaking has made you easy to understand, but which person are we to believe you are. You say negative things about the church, yet you continue to keep your membership. You also had a temple recommend the last time we texted. Can you understand how people find your writings confusing. I hope you find the real you somewhere in your search.


  8. George is the one who seriously needs to look into himself.
    Isn’t it Shakespeare who said “to thine own self be true”? That is something you, Sam, are trying to do. I’m not sure exactly where I am on that scale as far as the LDS Church is concerned, or for that matter, any other. I do know that Heavenly Father lives, Jesus is His son and our redeemer, and the the Holy Ghost is the third part. At this point, I feel as long as I can hang on to that and live a life that is trying to be in order with that, I’m ok. Sam, you know the major things that have happened in in my life in the past 5 years, and I think you can understand where I’m coming from. I applauded you and have great admiration for you in your quest. I also love your kindness towards the few who have written harsh things here. You are a man who can stand tall.


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