Candlesticks of Silver


You’ve left the church, my dear friend. Words of love, to you I send.

As is the Mormon custom, a new name I give to you.  Jean Valjean’s the name to please remember, as you read this message through.

In another story, in another time, a catholic priest beckoned another Jean Valjean to shelter for the night.  At first light,  Valjean was gone. He’d pilfered a cup of silver.

The law suspected the cup was stolen. To confirm his crime, to the priest he was taken. The honest bishop lied.  A lie, oh so sublime. Bearing candlesticks of silver, this was his reply:

“You forgot I gave these also
Would you leave the best behind?
So Monsieurs you may release him
For this man has spoken true
I commend you for your duty
May God’s blessing go with you.”

The other time’s a sample of what I want to do today. Though not good, as this storied Catholic priest, I want to emulate his selfless love for the least.  No candlesticks of silver do I possess. All I have of value, are words of holiness. Words of encouragement and love. Words I hope are inspired from above.

I view it, as you’ve left your prison. With no sins to be forgiven. “Freedom is yours. The earth is still. You feel the wind. You breathe again.”

In the church I’ve decided to abide.  And…TO…STAND…BY…YOUR…SIDE.
As we pursue our parallel track…I’ve got your back.  Your good name I’ll defend.  On this you can depend.

You didn’t leave because you’re lazy or mad, arrogant, bad or broken.  Rather, you are intelligent, good and caring. Your decision is reasoned and right.  Respected and honored it will be, by me.  You’ve searched for truth and found it.  In this there is no shame.

No shunning…ever…on my part. When we meet, I will greet you with open arms, open ears, and open heart.

“But remember this, my brother
See in this some higher plan.”
Let us live this life together
Side by side & Hand-in-hand.
You’ve left a church my friend
But, our friendship will not end.
In fact, our bond is stronger.

3 thoughts on “Candlesticks of Silver

  1. My favorite musical of all time….seen at least 10 times. This particular part is one of my favorites…as it shows the pure love of Christ and turns ValJean’s life around.

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