Champion of Discord


Yep. That’s me. At least, that’s how some are referring to me.

Champion of discord?  Nope.  The discord in my beloved church is already there and growing.  It’s just kept hidden and lonely.  In painful isolation.  Who created the discord?  Not me.  For the source, you have to look much higher up the leadership ladder.

What Kind of Champion do I Really Want to Be

1)  A CHAMPION for discussing discord.   Dismissing, disallowing, & demonizing discord only drives people away.  Our culture forbids discussing discord out in the open.  How weak the position of the church must be if discussing our discord is forbidden.  How weak testimonies must be!  The best way to bring accord out of discord is to discuss.  Demanding and dictating accord does not work and is not God’s way.

2)  A CHAMPION for keeping temple covenants, specifically the covenant to obey God’s Law.

3)  A CHAMPION for Christ’s clear and straightforward Law of common consent. Today in conference, Elder Ballard encouraged, “Never abandon the truths revealed through Joseph Smith.” Yet, we have abandoned the revelation of common consent. I’ll be it’s Champion.

4)  A CHAMPION for my marginalized and vulnerable gay brothers and sisters. In the church of Jesus, “the least of these” have no champions whatsoever. If something is going to be called sad, this is the saddest of them all:  we do not champion “the least of these.”   For heaven’s sake, this is the gorgeous center of Christ’s gospel and ministry.

5)  A CHAMPION for the marginalized truth seekers.  Again today, Elder Ballard counseled, “We must never neglect anyone with questions.  Treat them like investigators.”  Well, guess what?  Not only do we neglect those with questions, we marginalize, shun and shut them up.  I KNOW this from personal experience.  At this point, I’ve seen many leave because they were treated this very way.

Just Wait a Little Longer, Sam

I have been told that I should just sit back and wait. Do nothing. Trust the brethren.

Out of 6 siblings, all have left the church, but me.
How long should I wait?  Until my own children leave?

Many good friends have left.
How long should I wait?  Until another 100 have left?

All but one of my gay friends have left.
Should I wait until he’s gone?  Should I wait until 10 more gay kids come out, get shunned and then watch them & their families leave?
Should I just wait for another child to commit SUICIDE???

70% of members have resigned or are inactive. 80,000 resigned last year.
Should I wait for another 80,000 to resign?

Nope!!!  I’m acting on my temple covenants NOW.  I’m following Jesus’ Laws NOW.

From January 2015 until now, 22 months in all, I have reached out to quorum, Ward, stake, and general authority leadership.  Sharing concerns and ideas of what we could do as a church to stem the tide of exodus.  Response:  Zip…Nada….Nothing.  Twenty-two months of being told: be patient, we’ll look into it, we’ll get back with you, the brethren know what they are doing.


Behold Thy Mother

My brother and his entire family left the church in January 2016. They have a gay son. The November gay policy drove them all out.

Then, two months ago, my mom resigned. This is my MOTHER!!!  Oh, behold my MOTHER!!!  Heart broken by policies NEVER approved by the consent of the common. Beaten down and driven out of Christ’s church. My church. The church that I love.

Unfortunately, the departure of all my siblings was not enough to kick my butt into action. But, there is no way that I am going to ignore the broken heart of my own dear MOTHER.

So, I am going to CHAMPION obedience of the Law of God, the Law that I promised in the temple to obey.  The vital Law of God which He called: The Law of Common Consent.  My mother has been bruised, battered, and severely scarred by policies that never would have been accepted if the church was not in disobedience of this indispensable commandment. No longer will I mock God by NOT striving to live up to the promises I have made in his holy house.

Resister of Common Consent–A Record of Those Who Disapprove (click here for link)

If you disapprove of what the church is doing, you have a voice.  It was granted by Jesus himself.   May we all CHAMPION what we know in our hearts to be right.  May we reclaim our God given privilege to approve or disapprove.


I am Mormon. I Love My Mormon Church….


…Enough to Disapprove

Today, in preparation for general conference, I went to the temple.  This is only my second visit in the past couple of years.  Seeing the endowment through new eyes is fascinating.  With my new understanding of the temple covenants, my attention was riveted as these sacred promises were repeated.  Several new understandings burst forth in light.

On the eve of our semi-annual LDS sustainings, the following epiphany seems especially appropriate.

The Law of Sacrifice

We promise to live the law of sacrifice as it is contained in the holy scriptures.  Anciently, men were commanded to offer up the first fruits of the field and the firstlings of the flock.  The thought struck me that the most valuable fruit yielded from my labor in society is….my good name, my reputation, my honor.  Elder McConkie has even said that this is exactly what we must be willing to sacrifice.

The ordinance continues that we covenant to sacrifice all in order to SUSTAIN the Kingdom of God.  That wording struck me with the jolt of a thunderbolt.  We sacrifice to SUSTAIN the kingdom of God.

Church Narrative is Not True—Can’t Be SUSTAINED

Recently, prominent church historian Richard Bushman said, “I think that for the Church to remain strong, it has to reconstruct its narrative.  The dominant narrative is not true,  it can’t be SUSTAINED.” 

My covenant is to sacrifice in order to sustain the kingdom.  Yet, what we are doing is not sustainable.  This is another example of my temple promises dictating the necessity of my voting OPPOSED.  The present course of the church is unsustainable.  So, I’m putting my good name & reputation on the sacrificial alter and voting in disapproval of our unsustainable policies.


Is Our Current Course Really Unsustainable?

Here are the most reliable membership figures I can find.  As of April 2016, there were about 10 million inactive members, 2.5 million former members (resigned), and only 5 million active members.  That’s a loss of 71% of our membership!!!  Look at the trend lines.  Inactivity rate headed up.  Resigned members heading up.  Active members stagnant.  Sustainable?  No way.  Something has got to give.

It’s also estimated that just last year 80,000 members resigned!!!  Houston, we have a problem!  Denmark, something is rotten!  Time to let our leaders know that we are concerned…more than concerned.

If you are Opposed Consider Adding Your Name to the Current 222

A Common Consent Register has been established. A record of those…

…Who disapprove.

…Who care enough about the church to express their true and honest opinions.

…Who care about our children, both gay & straight, who are in harms way of a damaging policy.

To learn more about voting OPPOSED click here, here & here.